The empty Room is an independent theatre collective in Toronto, Canada.

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    The Empty Room is a group of emerging theatre artists in Toronto, Canada. We came together out of a fascination with the unique power of live performance; the wonderfully simple thing that separates live theatre from almost all other art forms is that the artists are present, they share the energy of the room with you, they breathe the very same air. For all the advances in technology, in digital and 3D media, we believe an image on screen, however affective, cannot ever match the immediacy of another person literally being able to walk up to you take you by the hand.


    What’s in the name? The moniker of our collective comes from our desire to bring theatre out of the auditorium, whether it be onto the streets of a city, into the tap room of a tavern, or the in coal cellar of georgian mansion. We take an empty room and turn it into a stage – a stage, after all, is simply the space where a performance happens.

The members of our collective have been producing theatre in Toronto since 2010, details of some of these projects can be found here.

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*We will be holding a benefit performance of Journey’s End in support of the Poppy Fund: all proceeds go towards  Royal Canadian Legion branch 344, and their 2013 Poppy Day campaign.


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